Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Our IT Safety Procedures

Moving your existing IT infrastructure to a new office location is a crucial point in any move. Your business critical data may be inside the hardware that we are shifting around. That is why we have a number of IT procedures in place to prevent any issues with your IT.

Before moving your PC’s and desktop equipment we make sure to audit everything and include all sorts of detailed descriptions in our logs for relocation – whether the mouse was on the right or left being one. We will do all this as per agreed with you and within settled timescales.

More importantly is the way we treat your server room. We have a number of experienced IT removal managers who will audit and plan for your precious server to be moved. We cover technical, logistical and business concerns here as well as this we offer risk assessments and method statements. Our engineers have performed decommissioning and re-commissioning on Cisco, IBM, Compaq, Sun, Fujitsu Siemens, HP and Dell servers to name but a few.

Our decommissioning ensures your equipment is easily and safely moved. We power down, unwire and pack your IT gear as well as check it in a number of ways to make sure it is in perfect working condition. Our crates are made from strong polycarbonate and are fitted to stock your computers. This equipment is transported safely in air ride control tail lift vehicles and is logged as they are removed and placed in the prepared area.

We also test clean and audit all your equipment if you require it to be done before or during re-commissioning. So as you can see we go to great lengths to ensure the safe moving of your IT equipment.

To learn more about out IT decommissioning and recommissioning services please contact us.

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