Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Go Green for your Business

We live in a world that is increasingly coming to understand the effect our lifestyle has on the environment. We also need to be aware of the safety concerns of clearing out our used materials and electronics. Here, we have solutions to both.

To ensure that we can offer you the best of both worlds and what’s best for ours, Edward Baden tries to recycle every smidgen of electronic equipment we receive, though not without wiping all your precious data from it first. We work with Computer Aid International and together we aim to give the best refurbished PCs to those that need them the most. These PCs are reused by non-profit organizations in developing countries as well as educational and health organizations in our own country.

If however the equipment cannot be re-used we endeavor to ensure it is disposed of safely and to the highest European and UK Environmental Agency standards by a licensed waste management company. This altogether, ensures that only 5% of the waste we receive actually goes to the landfill.

We also understand the threat of data security and how information is destructive in the wrong hands. (We’ve seen enough James Bond films). Before we dispose of a computer we ensure all data and programmes are fully removed before they are disposed. These disks and programmes are overwritten to US Department of Defence and UK Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) baseline and enhanced standards – once more our 007 love comes to the fore.

This service costs you no money at all and is part of our service and anything that can’t be deleted will be destroyed, though probably not in a self combustion way, ala Mission Impossible. All the same you know your data is safe and has been recycled and perhaps is even benefitting someone who really needs it.

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