Monday, 19 September 2011

Keeping Track of Your IT Equipment

Whether you’ve recently undertaken an office relocation or are considering a business move, it’s important to get a complete audit of what your company has in terms of IT equipment. In a large business, it can be especially difficult as staff may move equipment around. One of the services we offer at Edward Baden as relocation specialists, is a full IT audit.

This is relatively straightforward to do and will require very little time on the part of your staff. We will come to your business premises and identify and tag all IT equipment, regardless of its location. For each item we will give you the following information:

Date – the date the audit was done which identified the equipment was within your business.
Item Description – a full description of the item including the make and model number.
Tag Number – the number of the tag we allocated to the individual item.
Current Location – the current location of the item. This will comprise of the desk number and office number, if applicable so you will be able to instantly find the item.
Value – the current value of the item.

Our IT audits are not only great for identifying equipment you thought was misplaced, but also ideal for providing to your insurance company. Regular IT audits going forward will also help to identify loss, theft or damage to equipment, as well as the flow of equipment through the premises.

For more information about our IT audit or other relocation services we offer, please contact us today.

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