Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Home Moves Tailored Around You

Like organising dinner parties, starting a new job or watching Murray almost make the finals at Wimbledon, moving home can be a bit of a stressful experience in itself. As humans we get very attached to where we live. Our homes mirror our personality and so are a huge part of us.

Edward Baden, UK-wide relocation experts, take care of this by allowing you to focus on settling in, instead of having to think about the whereabouts and safety of your goods. These removals are catered for from start to finish by our team.

Our relocation specialists will come to your home and consult and liaise with you, so you can get advice and be prepared for the move. You will also be designated a move consultant to ask any questions or discuss your needs with, this person will be on hand throughout the process to facilitate your requirements, like your own ‘Relocation Jeeves’.

We will create a detailed tailor-made move plan for you that includes exactly what you need for moving, listing any special requirements or equipment needed to move unusual or valuable items. We will also provide you with a timetable for packing and travelling, as well as a moving guide full of helpful advice and checklists to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

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