Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Our Post Move IT Support

Moving your IT can be a bit of a wary occasion. We’ve all had the experience of turning on our computer and having lost a file – with Edward Baden there is no need to worry. Our post IT user and IT team support will ensure that there is a smooth transition.

We offer full reconnection of all your equipment allowing you to commence your work the next day. This equipment is also labelled and packaged before hand to ensure this quick turn around and efficient re connection.

We can completely relocate data centre equipment or individual racks and servers internally or from one premise to another. This is an easy, safe and quickly done process.

Before reinstallation we offer full hardware cleaning and can also offer you a full diagnostic service on your IT equipment. This is all tested before it is re-commissioned to ensure it is working at an optimum level. We will also store your IT items in between moving and relocation. We offer a number of top quality safe solutions for you, so you know your stuff is safe in between places.

When you do get your IT up and running again, we also have a great support and management IT service so if you have any questions for us we’re just a quick call away. Our help desk services are trained to answer your questions and we are sure to answer your query as fast as possible.

As is clear our post move support is thorough enough to give you all you wish for after moving your IT equipment.

To find out more simply contact us and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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