Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Why Relocate?

There are numerous reasons why companies decide to relocate; we have explored just a few in our most recent blog:

1.       Cost: The primary reason why many businesses consider relocation is due to costs, these may be labour, operating, property or costs in adhering to environmental regulations.  If costs are too high businesses will look for a more favourable location.
2.       Space: Many businesses inevitably outgrow their facilities; taking on a larger unit with better, more modern facilities with room to accommodate future growth is sometimes the only option. 
3.       Market Presence: To increase your presence in the market or to become closer to suppliers/resources.
4.       Labour: To acquire employees with a more specialised labour skill set.
5.       Innovation: Closer to similar companies, entering a cluster of innovation (see previous blog entry)
6.       Quality of Life; It may be the case that it is just the preferred location of the directors.
Edward Baden are relocation experts, we have the expertise and resources to plan and manage moves of all sizes and complexities, so get incontact now to speak to one of our advisers today.

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