Thursday, 7 March 2013

Location Location Location - Find your Innovation Hub

In this fast paced, technological age academics and business people alike are continuing to stress the importance of location for encouraging innovation and business development – and we think it’s time you took notice too. 

Locating your business in a cluster of innovation means that you can access a rich pool of specialised labour, benefit from knowledge spillovers, and local rivalry can create conditions for specialisation and innovation – All factors that are essential for a business to flourish!

Take Silicon Valley for example– a large number of computer companies relocated here just south of San Francisco in the 1950s, the technological benefits sprouting from their location were plentiful!

So why not consider a relocation for your business to ensure you are where you need to be - Here at Edward Baden we can help you and your business relocate to your innovation hub. We have a dedicated and highly skilled project team to plan and execute your move, facilitating timing and relationship building at every stage which we feel is critical.  Get in contact now to ensure your business location is not holding you back!

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