Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Our Desktop PC Relocation Service

Whether you’re moving your offices or relocating an entire call centre, at Edward Baden we can help make your move as smooth as possible. One of our most popular and very handy services is our Desktop PC Relocation Service.

You may think that moving some computer equipment is easy but just consider the logistics of moving 2 or 3 or maybe over 20 PCs, each of which needs to have the monitor, hard-drive, keyboard and mouse moving. Plus everything reconnected to the network so employees can access software and files. It’s no easy feat.

At Edward Baden we will do all this for you – plus more. We also audit all your IT equipment during the move to ensure you end up with exactly the same equipment as you started with. We will even document the preferred position of equipment at each desk so your employees experience the least possible upheaval – getting them back to work quicker. For example some employees prefer their monitor straight in front of them, some to the left or some to the right. We’ll make sure everything ends up a suitable position at each terminal after your office relocation.

We will work with you produce a relocation map layout and reinstall equipment in a predetermined order in your desired timeframe.

For more information about our Desktop PC Relocation Service or other relocation services we offer, please contact us today.

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