Friday, 1 February 2013

Here at Edward Baden We Never Hit Snooze!

We might spend today screaming TGIF, but they were shouting TGIT in Gambia yesterday! The President of Gambia has decided to change his working week from Monday to Thursday and give public sector workers Friday off.  He wants to save Friday for prayers, social activities and agriculture.... and let’s not forget sleeping President Jammeh!
This sounds like a great idea but not so great for those who require their services in the much reduced working week. The workers will still have a 40-hour working week, since they clock in at 8am and clock out at 6pm. Yet I’m sure customers will struggle to come to terms with the change in the typically western working week.
Here at Edward Baden, we are not only available every Friday, but offer our services to you at the weekend as well. We are flexible to the individual requirements of each business and understand that Monday- Friday sometimes just isn’t enough... let alone Monday-Thursday!
Our 24/7 service allows you to relocate in company downtime whether that be on Sunday or at 2 am on Wednesday morning. We offer a service that is easy and convenient for you. Contact us here for more information!

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