Thursday, 21 February 2013

Going Green

We are the generation who must carry the burden of the various ecological issues from which our planet suffers and here at Edward Baden, we are doing our bit to make our world a greener place.
·         We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and run low emission vehicles.
·         We have close links with specialist environmental disposal agencies, charities and local education trusts that are able to redistribute and recycle unwanted furniture and equipment.
·         All our packaging materials are locally sourced with high quality materials and where possible produced using recycled materials. Accordingly after use, we endeavour to reduce, collect and recycle our packaging materials.
During a stressful office move, recycling is often the last thing on a long list of priorities. Yet we are also aware that during the moving process, departments are often requested to reduce the quantity of filing to be moved. So we try to help out where we can; through Cube we handle the supply and transport of your recycling sacks and crates. We provide sacks for recycled paper to our customers to encourage a green frame of mind. Alternatively if you do not wish to recycle outright, we offer archiving and a confidential document shredding service. After shredding confidential documents, we make sure they too are pulped and recycled afterwards. Recycling paper is important as it produces fewer polluting emissions, consumes less energy, uses less water and avoids the production of harmful methane gas which is produced when rotting in a landfill.
However it is not only paper we recycle here at Edward Baden. We are proud to be involved with Computer Aid International by providing them with unwanted PC’s and associated equipment that have been donated by our clients. Click here for more information on this and why data security needn’t be a concern.
So call us today on 0800 169 5309 to make sure you choose a company with green interests at heart when planning your relocation.

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