Monday, 2 February 2015

Spring Clean Your Office

While some companies may be planning relocations for 2015, moving office isn’t always suitable or viable for every business.

If you are “staying put” in 2015, why not treat your office to a spring clean?

Tidy away any paper work and dispose of any clutter left lying around on desks.

Where able, play around with the layout of your office space – it is amazing how different and “new” an old office can appear with just a change to the layout.

Perhaps invest in some new furniture – small offices can look far larger with light coloured furniture.

Part of your office spring clean could also include a fresh coat of paint, particularly if the office hasn’t been painted for a number of years. Adding a splash of colour e.g. a feature wall can make your office space feel more vibrant.

Why not treat your office to some TLC this Spring? 

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