Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Keeping Positive when Relocating

They say moving house is stressful – not to mention an office move with numerous staff and equipment to coordinate! Because of this we have devised some handy tips to advise you how to de-stress in times of change.

Think positive: Keep positive, a positive mental attitude is key when embarking on an office location, think of it as a fresh start, something to be excited about; your business is hopefully moving somewhere more suitable and with better business prospects -  to do not become overwhelmed by change and worry.

Office politics are not something to be indulged. Let your workforce know the plans for relocation and any implications to them way in advance – they are your greatest asset, you need them on board, working with you, not against you and they will appreciate your honesty.

Make life easier for yourself and plan well in advance. Do your research so you feel confident in your actions and decisions. Also, have a contingency plan! Plan for those little hitches and snags along the way that could jeopardise the smooth running of your move.

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