Friday, 3 August 2012

A Guide to Packing Materials From The Relocation Specialists

At Edward Baden, we don’t just deal with office relocation but also home removals too. Although we offer a comprehensive service which takes care of everything from pre-move planning to packing, removal to unpacking again, many of our clients prefer to pack their items themselves. This is fine by us but we thought that we’d put together this handy guide on the types of packing materials that can be used, along with what they are suitable for.

1 – Bubblewrap – bubblewrap is made from two sheets of polythene which are stuck together using a machine that traps air in between the sheets. This air acts as a cushion if the item wrapped in it is bumped or dropped, helping to stop the item from getting damaged. It is ideal for many things found within your home such as wrapping ornaments, plates and mirrors. However it’s important to note that it is not suitable for paintings or other pieces of fine art. This is due to the fact that chemicals used in the production of bubblewrap can cause damage to canvases whilst it can also trap heat and moisture which causes ‘sweating’ or even mould to occur.

2 – Packing Peanuts – packing peanuts are peanut shaped pieces of polystyrene and are wonderful for placing around a series of small items that are packed together in a box. Similar to bubblewrap, they will help cushion the contents of a box from bumps and blows.

3 – Foam – foam usually comes on large rolls and it easy to use. Simply unroll the required length, cut off and wrap around the desired item. Foam will help to absorb the impact of drops or bumps helping to protect the item inside. As with bubblewrap, due to the chemicals used in the production of the foam, it’s not suitable for using to pack paintings.

4 – Breathable Fabric – although breathable fabric will not absorb much of an impact, it is ideal for wrapping around objects that might get scratched or torn such as glass or paintings.

If you would like any further assistance or advice about packing, or would like to know more about our domestic relocation service, please contact us.


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  2. Eva, I am glad to know that you are finding our blog posts useful. If there is anything in particular you would like to know about please ask us and we will endeavour to write about it. In the mean time additional information can be found on our website